Forming Effective Communication. – Week 1

Not only do I strongly believe that communicating is essential in the workforce and everyday life, but communicating effectively is all the more important.

“Effective communication can improve relationships at home, work, and in social situations by deepening your connections to others and improving teamwork, decision-making, and problem solving”. (

Even if its texting from our phones, skyping from one face to another or simply just writing an email, they all play important roles in helping to communicate to one another. Doing it effectively, however, can insure that say employers and employees stay up to date with each other. It also helps team members connect from different parts of the world discuss ideas and future plans for companies. You can communicate any problems or issues that arise within the workplace and report them. Then discuss ways to potentially fix these issues. Without these forms of communication the workplace would be inadequate.

Quick tips

  • Always express what is needed to be said in the simplest form possible. This can avoid unnecessary confusion and gets to the point.
  • If possible, avoid using internet based means of communication. Face to face, phone calls or phone conferences are far more effective.
  • Listen and focus on what is being said. As well as being an efficient communicator it is also important to listen and respect the person talking while giving feedback.

My own self-evaluation towards being an effective communicator would be that my communication skills are very limited. In high school I was unable to work up enough confidence to present in front of a class of students. I also didn’t contribute to any class discussions where I was singled out. I have noticed in myself that I’m quite good at talking face to face to people I don’t know that well. Also that I am great at making first impressions but to impress a group, that’s a different story. I believe that it’s a necessary skill to have and that building on this would further me in life.


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