Methods of Communication for the 21st Century – Week 3

There are many different ways in which we can communicate to an audience. To be an effective communicator one must choose the correct way depending on the audience to get the desired response.

You would think that face-to-face nowadays is the most popular form of communication but in fact it’s not. Emailing has taken over and is now the most common way to communicate. Whether it’s an email to a friend or a bill from a provider, you can always rely on an email. However the issue being that emails can be sent to the wrong person or the receiver might not check their emails often enough. I myself do not check my emails as regularly as I should. But seemingly as everything is sent though emails I have been using them more than I ever have.

Not only do I use email, I also use text messaging, Facebook messaging, calling and video chats. I feel as if texting and Facebook messaging is used the most these days among people my age (20). They’re both as reliable as each other and now with the option of knowing if the person has ‘read’ your message, you can distinguish if the person has seen your message regardless if they reply or not. I don’t feel like this type of communication would be relevant in the work force because it’s an informal mean of communication. It’s more social and open. Although nowadays using different forms of communication can change the severity of that is being said. A Facebook message or IM doesn’t seem as professional. It could be used for a short message to make sure the receiver gets it immediately in an informal way. This video shows exactly why instant messaging is not quite for the workplace. It also displays how it is changing the way we communicate in today’s society.

I could definitely survive if I didn’t have texting or Facebook messaging for a week because you can basically achieve the same result just by picking up the phone and calling someone.


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