Researching Importance – Week 4

Whether you’re planning a holiday, writing an essay or buying a new car, researching is the first step to achieving any goal. People research to find differences between products or to simply back up a theory. It’s an extremely vital and important step, in fact I’m currently researching about research just to prove how important it really is. Without research, it would be difficult to students to conduct assignments or even search for the perfect house to move into. Companies use research to find what products are best to put on their shelves and how much demand this product might have. Researching is something we do it every day without noticing and it can be done just about anywhere.

I recently went on a holiday to Abu Dhabi/Dubai and without the ample amount of research we did, our trip would have been a total failure. The whole trip was planned on my researching online, since I didn’t really know much about the U.A.E. First thing researched was flights, and of course I searched on many different sights to compare. Then secondly was accommodation, this was also compared among many different Hotels in Dubai. And lastly, all the things we wanted to do. This meant using google to find the prices of different safaris we wanted to go on or searching for the prices of the nearest theme parks in Abu Dhabi. There were many other thing in between like transport and currency exchange. This does not include the research we should of done to the packaged meat we bought and didn’t check the used by date, which caused us a hospital visit in the middle of Abu Dhabi. Without any of the research I feel as if we definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed this trip to the max.

I could have spoken about the research I did on my car, or the last essay I wrote but I felt as if this was more important. Clearly if there isn’t enough research done, then the outcome is not what was expected. Doing the right kind of research is just as important. Using the right words and sifting through to find the parts that are relevant also add to researching properly. This video states the most effective ways to research, particularly for students.


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