Researching Importance – Week 4

Whether you’re planning a holiday, writing an essay or buying a new car, researching is the first step to achieving any goal. People research to find differences between products or to simply back up a theory. It’s an extremely vital and important step, in fact I’m currently researching about research just to prove how important it really is. Without research, it would be difficult to students to conduct assignments or even search for the perfect house to move into. Companies use research to find what products are best to put on their shelves and how much demand this product might have. Researching is something we do it every day without noticing and it can be done just about anywhere.

I recently went on a holiday to Abu Dhabi/Dubai and without the ample amount of research we did, our trip would have been a total failure. The whole trip was planned on my researching online, since I didn’t really know much about the U.A.E. First thing researched was flights, and of course I searched on many different sights to compare. Then secondly was accommodation, this was also compared among many different Hotels in Dubai. And lastly, all the things we wanted to do. This meant using google to find the prices of different safaris we wanted to go on or searching for the prices of the nearest theme parks in Abu Dhabi. There were many other thing in between like transport and currency exchange. This does not include the research we should of done to the packaged meat we bought and didn’t check the used by date, which caused us a hospital visit in the middle of Abu Dhabi. Without any of the research I feel as if we definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed this trip to the max.

I could have spoken about the research I did on my car, or the last essay I wrote but I felt as if this was more important. Clearly if there isn’t enough research done, then the outcome is not what was expected. Doing the right kind of research is just as important. Using the right words and sifting through to find the parts that are relevant also add to researching properly. This video states the most effective ways to research, particularly for students.


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Recognizing Workplace Conflict – Week 9

Unfortunately conflict is something we cannot avoid in our day to day lives, whether it be in the workforce or anywhere else. At some point during a hard day’s work we might feel unhappy with an outcome or displeased with someone and if we seek to take action over this, its causes a conflict.  There are a few main types of conflicts in the workforce that are common not matter what job it is.

  • Conflict over different decisions or actions for the business
  • A difference in personalities between co-workers or a boss.
  • A conflict or issue with a boss
  • Conflict over different opinions

“There are broadly two kinds of workplace conflict: when people’s ideas, decisions or actions relating directly to the job are in opposition, or when two people just don’t get along. The latter is often called ‘a personality clash’.” (

Coming across a conflict is not uncommon, especially if the person working doesn’t enjoy their job. Personally I come across lots of conflict with my job because I face the same people every day and are continuously doing the same thing. I work in the hospitality industry/customer service and has definitely made my patience shorter. I feel as if I react to things too quickly and it may not necessarily be the best choice of action. I wouldn’t say I dislike my job, I just come across too much conflict to enjoy it in the whole.

A few days ago a lady came into my shop claiming that someone had given her too much change back. As I do not work on the register often, I put through her order again to find out how much change she should have received. While doing this, she told me that I need to take $10 back from her. But because I was taking my time to make sure she wasn’t giving me back to much of her money to me, she suddenly snapped at me and said, “I don’t have to be doing this you know”. Because I was so flustered by this ladies comment, I tried to explain that I was doing but it came out wrong and I ended up saying, “I’m only making sure that it was the right change”. She scoffed and looked at the lady next in line to her, who also added a comment saying how rude I was.

It’s hard to determine what kind of mood you’re going to be in at work until you face a conflict. You can affect your colleague’s moods just by making it known that you’re angry/upset and this can alter their performance at work. After the conflict I had the other day, I went out into the back room and cried because I didn’t know how to handle it and for the rest of that day was in a bad mood.


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Methods of Communication for the 21st Century – Week 3

There are many different ways in which we can communicate to an audience. To be an effective communicator one must choose the correct way depending on the audience to get the desired response.

You would think that face-to-face nowadays is the most popular form of communication but in fact it’s not. Emailing has taken over and is now the most common way to communicate. Whether it’s an email to a friend or a bill from a provider, you can always rely on an email. However the issue being that emails can be sent to the wrong person or the receiver might not check their emails often enough. I myself do not check my emails as regularly as I should. But seemingly as everything is sent though emails I have been using them more than I ever have.

Not only do I use email, I also use text messaging, Facebook messaging, calling and video chats. I feel as if texting and Facebook messaging is used the most these days among people my age (20). They’re both as reliable as each other and now with the option of knowing if the person has ‘read’ your message, you can distinguish if the person has seen your message regardless if they reply or not. I don’t feel like this type of communication would be relevant in the work force because it’s an informal mean of communication. It’s more social and open. Although nowadays using different forms of communication can change the severity of that is being said. A Facebook message or IM doesn’t seem as professional. It could be used for a short message to make sure the receiver gets it immediately in an informal way. This video shows exactly why instant messaging is not quite for the workplace. It also displays how it is changing the way we communicate in today’s society.

I could definitely survive if I didn’t have texting or Facebook messaging for a week because you can basically achieve the same result just by picking up the phone and calling someone.


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Forming Effective Communication. – Week 1

Not only do I strongly believe that communicating is essential in the workforce and everyday life, but communicating effectively is all the more important.

“Effective communication can improve relationships at home, work, and in social situations by deepening your connections to others and improving teamwork, decision-making, and problem solving”. (

Even if its texting from our phones, skyping from one face to another or simply just writing an email, they all play important roles in helping to communicate to one another. Doing it effectively, however, can insure that say employers and employees stay up to date with each other. It also helps team members connect from different parts of the world discuss ideas and future plans for companies. You can communicate any problems or issues that arise within the workplace and report them. Then discuss ways to potentially fix these issues. Without these forms of communication the workplace would be inadequate.

Quick tips

  • Always express what is needed to be said in the simplest form possible. This can avoid unnecessary confusion and gets to the point.
  • If possible, avoid using internet based means of communication. Face to face, phone calls or phone conferences are far more effective.
  • Listen and focus on what is being said. As well as being an efficient communicator it is also important to listen and respect the person talking while giving feedback.

My own self-evaluation towards being an effective communicator would be that my communication skills are very limited. In high school I was unable to work up enough confidence to present in front of a class of students. I also didn’t contribute to any class discussions where I was singled out. I have noticed in myself that I’m quite good at talking face to face to people I don’t know that well. Also that I am great at making first impressions but to impress a group, that’s a different story. I believe that it’s a necessary skill to have and that building on this would further me in life.


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